I am having trouble adding a tongue twister command for nightbot

I want to add a !twister (tongue twister command) !addtwister !deltwister. I am having trouble having it recall a tongue twister in chat and with the character limit. I figured it was like the quote command but I see that when I just change the name I get an Error meassage. Please help

Hiya, can you please elaborate, I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish. What are your commands, what are the errors?

Hey @MotherlyRage!

I think I understand, you just want to repurpose the quote system slightly, right?

It’s pretty simple, if you added the quote commands through the automatic installation, you just have to go to your commands dashboard, then rename every quote command and make sure they’re the correct userlevel:

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Yes! I was also changing the addquote etc in the “message” part of the command and that’s when I started getting the error messages.

Yeah, don’t edit anything else or you’ll break the API, haha!

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