I accidentally linked nightbot to "vxrl"?

I was trying to use a multi msg command from a url i found on reddit. I don’t know if the site is safe or not to be honest, regretting the authorization to nightbot since I cannot find vxrl in the integrations list? I don’t know how to unauthorize it. The link I used is https://vxrl.xyz/commands/multiplemessages and at the end there’s an option to directly add the command to nightbot, which i did, and i authorized integration to nightbot and now I can’t find anywhere to undo this step. Please help :slight_smile: thank you!!!

The site http://vxrl.xyz was built by another user on the Nightbot forums. This site’s purpose is to provide useful Nightbot commands and only asks for authorization so that it may add commands on your behalf; it is not malicious at all. Click the above link and you will find setups for a queue manager, Twitch clip creating command, multi-message command, and a “wrong song request” removing command.

If you wish to disconnect Vxrl from your Nightbot account, go to https://nightbot.tv/account/applications, find Vxrl in the list of connected apps, and click “Disconnect”.

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