How to write custom commands

Help me!
I’m sorry if it’s strange because I’m typing with the translation function.

For $ (user) with custom command
“$ (User) goes straight on the road”
“$ (User) turns right on the road”
“$ (user) turns the road back”
I want to select one of them randomly and return it in response.

In this case, please tell me what syntax should be written in the response item.


This command will output one of those random phrases.

$(user) $(eval a=[`goes straight on the road`,`turns right on the road`,`turns the road back`];a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

You can add more phrases. Just make sure each phrases is surrounded by backticks and separated by commas as shown above.

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Thank you!ありがとう!
I will try various things based on the contents.

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