How to work "alias"?

How to work “alias”? I want to make a command !duel
message $(user) is on the duel $(query)! That will show message to chat, and after the run the following command
!winner massage: $(eval var sayings = [’$ (user)’, ‘$ (query)’]; sayings [math.floor (math.random () * sayings.length)]:wink: won the duel!
To do this in the team
!duel tab Alias I write:
!winner $(query)
When I write to chat !duel message is displayed, and the command !winner is started. How to do to both posts worked in turn? Without using api and third-party websites. The second question: can I make a delay of the specific team for 3-7 seconds?

This is not possible currently without building something custom, sorry. Alias merely rewrites a command to be another command, it does not execute both.

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