How to use Song Requests, without needing to use volume?

So I Use a Mac, and I am new to this whole Nightbot thing. I got a handle of the regular commands, but I am wondering on how to use song requests. Since when I try to request a song (when I am not using my mic) on how to enable songs with turning up the master volume, on the OBS window. When I check I open a tab on my browser, and look at my channel and test it out, when I’m live streaming, I check if the songs are working and they’re not. And yet I do !currentsong, it picks up and lists it but, I don’t hear it. Keep on mind the I’m not using my Microphone on my Headset or the built-in one. Is it because I muted the volume on my OBS window? Orrr? Please help, Thanks

On OSX there is not a way built into OBS to capture desktop audio. Here’s a tutorial for getting desktop audio working on OSX: If that doesn’t work out, there’s other methods as well. You would just need to search the OBS forums for more results.

thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out

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