How to use numbers in alias command

Hey guys,
I’m using nightbot beta and tried to get some old commands back as I personally don’t like the classification of commands like !songs (right now). That means I created commands like !nextsong and as alias !songs next.
Unfortunately I’m failing at converting the command !volume and !promote, it won’t take the variable number, $(number) and $(query) doesn’t work…can you tell me how to create commands with numbers which forward the data to the alias or help me with my specific problem?
Command: !volume
Alias: !songs volume [0-100]

and Command: !promote
Alias: !songs promote [queue_number]

Thanks in advance!

You would use $(query) to get the user’s input.

Command Name: !volume
Command Message: $(query)
Command Alias: !songs volume

Aliased commands pass the command message to the alias.

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