How to translate NightBot

How to translate NightBot, so he wrote, for example! Uptime, according to Russian?

Write your own custom API)

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Because Nightbot pulls an API with the command already in english, you would need to make your custom APIs in russian. I would recommend you to stick with english though, easier and you can still have simple text commands in russian.

If you want to have a go at Custom APIs, check out my thread here as I think that’s a good place to get started:
I have a UpTime Custom API, you’ll need to rehost the API(s) or, you can translate it for me, contact me via message if you wish to proceed this way, and I’ll add it in for you and any other Russian to use. If you wish to rehost this, you’ll essentially need a website and hosting for said website. You can get free website and hosting so it won’t cost you anything (Google), although some hosts don’t work out with using NightBot.

What you need to translate it? I can do it.

How to host my own custom API? Can you help me with it?(Just which hosting select and starting setup)

Honestly, google “free website domain” & “free website hosting”. When I used free hosting, I used & 000webhosting

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thank you very much =^.^=

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