How to show OBS Chat inside game?

Hi everyone. I’m a new streamer and since I plan to stream on both PC & PS4, I was trying to get things like viewers count and chat overlays on PC as well (on PS4 they are already available).

I’ve seen that there’s a plugin for viewers, and I was happy to notice OBS Chat, which seemed perfect for my purpose.
I’ve set it up and I spotted it on the both the preview & the stream successfully…But not in-game for me. This is the exact opposite of what I was looking, so I’m wondering if you can help me in setting up the way I need to.

Besides, I’m not completely sure how useful would it to be for OBS to appear in the stream - viewers already have the chat. The streamer who’s playing doesn’t have it, and is therefore quite useful to see it via overlay.

Thank you in advance

most times people use 2 screens or more aswell as tablets, laptops and even cells to look at their chat while streaming. There currently isn’t anything we offer to do what you want it to do. For myself, I use a IRC program on my one screen, game on other.