How to setup a doante button? with Streamtip

Hey i just wonder how i set up the donate button with streamtip? I deleted my donate button when i changed over from streamdonations to streamtip cuz of frustration =)
And just wonder how i put it up again, im confuused with this new site ^^
I want the same button as b4, like when ppl donate, they add twitch name/amount of donate/and a message.

Thx for the help <3

So i made a normal paypal donate button on paypals site…Its works cuz i got 2 donates today.
But i still wonder how i can make a button that connect to streamtip so the donation alert pop up?
pls help <3

When logged into, under your name in the top left, there is a link called ‘Public Tipping Page’. Copy that and put it in your twitch page…

hahahah woooooow! omg and i used hours to try find it out ^^ And i was only 1 button away? LOL ^^
Thx for the help Teak <3 pretty sure i would use some hours to find it today to ^^ THX!

Some1 should rly make a youtube video about setting stuff up on this site ^^

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