How to set up my first command

I was manager of Sanguiphilia stream for a long time. Now I don’t have access. She says I am still a manager, but I dont have access. Does nightbot bugged or something

Are you possibly logging into the wrong twitch account? Are you looking in the right place for manager access to her nightbot channel? You use the avatar icon in the top right.

I am on the right account. I dont have her avatar anymore. Is there a way to check if I am on the manager list? Because I added other accounts to my list and it work. Other people added me to manager and it worked

There is no way for you to check her list, no. Only she has access to that. However it sounds like everything is working fine so she may just have been mistaken about you being on her list. Could you ask her for a screenshot saying that you are on her list?

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