How to set specific custom message for specific blacklisted words?

For example i don’t want people to ask about religion in my chat so the message popped up as “Hey (user) stop asking about people religion, it’s none of your business”
and when people say bad word like F**k it will popped up “Stop saying bad word! keep it polite!” and so on, and also i don’t know the correct command to mention the user with $ sign, can anyone write it for me so it works correctly when i copying it in my nightbot settings? Thank you so much for your help, any answer appreciated.

I don’t believe that’s possible, but I’m not a developer.

It’s not possible to set a custom message for a specific bad word/phrase, it’s only possible to set it globally.

The command variable you’re talking about about is $(user), you can read more about it here.

So, for example:
Hello, $(user)
will return
Hello, jonathanbruce
if the nickname of the caller was jonathanbruce


There is no way to set up multiple custom timeout messages for your blacklist filter. You can have one and only one message for when Nightbot times out users.

Also, custom messages don’t support the use of command variables, If you’re just looking to include the offending user’s name in the message, it’s already included at the very start of the timeout message, so there is no need to fiddle with variables.

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