How to set new moderators?

Im the owner of a discord server and I want to have custom commands that only a few people can use. I saw in the nightbot tab that you can set a command to only be available for moderators, but how do i mod someone?

Assign a moderator role to that user in Discord. Make sure that it is the same Moderator role that was chosen in

Discord doesn’t have moderators, it only has admins, so so i have to have them as admins if i want them to be nightbot mods? Because there are a few people that I’d like to give especial commands to while not giving them entire control of the server…
And i didn’t understand the second part of your message, how do I check what moderator role was chosen in the integrations tab?
Sorry, im really new to this haha, thx for your time :slight_smile:

When connecting Nightbot through the integrations tab, you assign a moderator role from the servers roles If your moderator role is named “Admin” then the user would need to be given the “Admin” role in discord to be seen as a Nightbot moderator.

If you want to just give some commands a higher level then just assign them a userlevel of regular (also another role in the integrations tab).You can read more about regulars here

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Got it! Thank you so much haha :slight_smile:

You can actually make a moderator role on Discord by editing the custom privileges (managing messages and so on). That’s what I do on my servers, Twitch mods get a Discord mod role while only selected few are admins.

Then you can synchronize the moderator roles from Twitch and Discord through the Nightbot integration tab.

However, if you need that role only for higher level commands, Regulars may be a better option. If I remember correctly Regulars is below Subscribers though, so Subs would be able to use it too.

Regulars are above subscribers. This is due to the ability to select regulars, whereas there isn’t much choice with subscribers.

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