How to set default value? plz help

I searched a lot of information, and didn’t get the answer.
I want to set a command. hope it would work like:

input: !hello tony output: good morning! tony

or if I only call the command, like:

input: !hello output: good morning! XXX

XXX should be the name who call this command. I hope the user name is the default value of my command.

I have known [user] is a variable, but I don’t know how to set a default for my command.
How can I do this? I can’t find if-else in nightbot. please help

Try this:
!commands add !hello Good morning $(touser)!


@alify1017: In regards to “If-Else”, you can use Javascript in Nightbot commands if you contain it within the $(eval) variable like this:

Example command:

If you type !test Hello (case-sensitive) Nightbot will respond with “Hello there!”… otherwise it’ll respond with “Ok then”.

@xgerhard: thanks! I didn’t realize $(touser) have a default value.
I never think of there’s a default for normal command.
I have already set my command. Thanks a lot !

@Monario: thank for you exanple. I have known if-else statment can be done by javascript,
but I have no idea how to use, especially its variable. It is very helpful. Thx

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