How to see nightbot in OBS

When i will do a giveaway with OBS it’s impossible to see on the stream twitch not in the chat to see nightbot webpage on obs, i look many youtube and nothing about to see giveaway on my screen nightbot it a blackscreen when i try with OBS to see nightbot to show to my followers who’s the winners, the followers see in the chat but it’s impossible to show nightbot webpage giveaway,

Please hepl me :slight_smile:


i make browser source and is only blackscreen only

If you want to show the giveaways you wouldn’t use a browser source, you would use a window capture. on the window that has the giveaways going at that time.

IT’s the same thing the windows capture the screen is black and does not show the web page in this screen giveaway of nightbot :S

Well even so, this is an OBS issue, not nightbot issue. If OBS isn’t rendering sources correctly (or the web browser for some reason) there isn’t anything the nightbot page can do. Something you bring up with them (i dont have any links but i do believe they have forums and such)

If it is only web browsers that have issues rendering in OBS and apps themselves are fine you can try downloading and using the nightbot beta app:

Same problem… window capture nightbot.exe and black screen is possible is OBS have the problem ?

when a choose steam.exe it’s ok and when a choose navigator page or nightbot.exe blackscreen

If you’re having issues using OBS’ window capture I highly recommend asking for help on their forums instead, since they are better able to assist you with their software:

Ho i found a solution i use Display Capture and it’s ok i see nightbot.exe & web browser nightbot, but i will chek night link to found the real solution thank’s for help all mod & Developer. :smiley:

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