How to run a giveaway using nightbot on youtube?

Ok guys i have started streaming a week ago and thanks to nightbot helping me a lot!!
But now that i have like 30 people in my stream it very hard for me to host giveaway and put in detail at gleam for giveaway!!
No matter i have 10,20,30 any amount of users when i go in users it shows me zero in the search panel
On the extreme right it says chat embed for youtube isnt available yet
I have tried keyword, unique numbers and active user when i roll no matter what may be the scenario it says
There are no eligible users to win this giveaway
and the worst part is
when i type
!winner the bot says the winner is and poof no winner name appears!! Its very annoying

Can someone also provide me up with custom api where i can see sub alerts donations any software which works like deepbot for twitch!! Please help me as in my country youtube works the best as rest all is myth!!

If users are not being entered into the userlist when they speak, you may not be connected to the websocket service or misconfigured the eligibility of users. Try refreshing the page and not changing any settings. If users talk (not yourself) in chat, they should show up in the left list so long as Nightbot is in the chat.

That’s a bug due to the YouTube rate limit. I’ve pushed a fix for it.

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