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How to retrieve Destiny stats through Nightbot

This should not matter, copy paste the following code in either your discord or twitch chat:
!commands edit !destiny $(urlfetch$(user)&channel=$(channel)&format=$(provider)&query=$(querystring)&bot=nightbot&defaultconsole=ps)

that did it. thank you sir.

Hello, how can I use this same command in youtube gaming?

The exact same thing posted above works for all services.

Hello this article help me set up most of my commands, but when I type !destiny setplayer < johnmurr17 > < PS >
I get this response:

johnny_shmurr117: can’t find ‘< johnmurr17 > < PS>’ in the destiny database.

Plz help, thank you

Heya! The <> are just placeholders, try removing them.
!destiny setplayer johnmurr17 ps
This should work.

lol yea I kept fiddling with it and figured it out
But yea this whole thrread was very helpful, thank you

Could anybody tell me the k/d and rank for a PlayStation player - johnnyfebruary please would greatly appreciate it. I can’t seem to get it work

If you already have the !destiny command you simply add:
!commands add !kd -a=!destiny kd johnnyfebruary ps

If you dont have the !destiny command use this one:
!commands add !kd $(urlfetch johnnyfebruary ps&format=$(provider)&user=$(user)&channel=$(channel)&bot=nightbot)

@xgerhard, are you possibly considering adding functionality to pull Destiny 2 stats with Nightbot? My clan makes heavy use of the work you’ve already done for D1 (much appreciated, btw), and we are very interested in Destiny 2 stats nowadays. Looking forward to your reply!

Hey there! Yes, there will be an update for Destiny 2 stats, however the game is a bit too addicting to stop playing atm :slight_smile: Check @DestinyCommand on Twitter for latest updates.

Ha, I don’t blame you :laughing: That’s great news, though! Looking forward to it. And thanks for the twitter info!

There is an update available for Destiny 2 streamers:

!commands add !destiny $(urlfetch$(querystring)&default_console=xbox)

More info:


@xgerhard Thanks, friend! Much appreciated

Is there a way to set these commands as a timer? Because I’m trying to add the command so that my stats and loadout spam in intervals on my nightbot but its not recognizing the command or its saying I cannot use the alias.

@kronosnkhaos Yes you can set it as a timer. when you create the timer, you put the command name in the Alias field, then the specific inputs (what you’d put after the command to specify user, channel, format, query, bot, default console) in the Message field.

Could you show me an example or screen shot where to place this when I add the timer. For example I use !destiny loadout Kronosnk xbox. I place it in the alias and in chat it says cannot be found. What am I missing in the message field?

@kronosnkhaos You should put only !destiny in the Alias field. Put loadout Kronosnk xbox in the Message field.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely try it out. One more thing are there commands yet for the raids in Destiny 2?

@kronosnkhaos Raids are definitely included in the stats. Click here for all possible Destiny commands: