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How To Post OBS Logs


Hey guys,

Some issues can be easily sorted out by posting a OBS log, I have taken the walkthrough from the OBS forums to help people post OBS logs for use to check over issues for your problems.

When asking a question, it’s very important to include your OBS log file. The log contains details about your system and settings and lets people see technical details about why something might not be working.

How to find your OBS logs

Your logs can be accessed in the app via the Help->Log Files menu item. (v0.61 or later)

If you used the installer, you’ll also have a link in your start menu folder for the application to open the log folder (or at least that’s how it used to be [will fix if not]). OBS logs are stored in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\OBS\logs.

Make sure to close OBS before opening your log file via the file system. The best log to choose is the latest log file or the one that contains the problem. Alternatively, you can also restart OBS, replicate the problem, and then close it to generate a new log file to show your problem. Logs are named by date (YYYY-MM-DD-HH-SS.txt), so they are sorted by date regardless of whether you sort by name or by date.

Uploading logs to the forum

From the Help->Log Files menu, click “View” on the file you wish to post (or open it directly from the folder), copy it, paste it into the forum post, and enclose it in [ code] brackets (select the log text in the post editor and click the “Code” button at the top of the editor). Make sure you’re posting the full text of the log in the [ code] tags, and not just a link to the log if possible.

If you log is too large to post on the forum, then select “Upload” on the log file, copy the link to your clipboard, and paste the link in the forum post. Alternatively, you can go to and post the log there, submit it, and post the link to the pastebin in the post.

Do not use generic file sharing sites other than text paste sites for log files, as that will make us very sad, and we probably will just ask you to repost it. Only use those for dump files if absolutely necessary (though you should be able to just attach them to forum posts).

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