How to manually load BTTV on Microsoft Edge Browser

Hello dear BTTV Community

I haven’t seen a post about how to do this yet so thought i post this quick little “guide” on how to load BTTV on MS Edge
This is the way i found and im not a coder or anything so if someone knows a better way please tell me :grinning:

Step 1: Open the page you want to load BetterTwitchTV on (You would have to load it every time you load twitch in a new tab or every time you leave and come back again)
Step 2: Get the BTTV JavaScript found here: and copy everything on the page
Step 3: Press F12 to open the Developer Tools
Step 4: Paste the script in the Console Input window att the bottom of the page and press the green arrow or press Ctrl + Enter

Congratulations, you can now truly enjoy with all the features of BetterTwitchTV
Now go spam some KKona’s

// Fatpala

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