How to make nightbot send message after someone writes specific word anywhere in message?

Title says it all, I need help with this. For now I made command where someone writes kedy or kedi, it makes response. But it works only if word kedy/kedi appears at the beginning of the message. Is it possible to make nightbot response when words kedy or kedi appears anywhere in message ?

Thank you

You’d have to use wildcards *, but as far as I know the current Nightbot Custom Commands system does not support wildcards.

Aaaaah, what a shame :confused: Is it possible to make it work somehow any other way ?

Not that I know of, sorry!

The only way to do that is through script, i currently use 1 for new subs/resubs, you will need a custom bot or use it on your own user

Aaaah, thats nothing for me… Thank you for information! Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

you’re welcome, glad i could help ^^ Merry xmas :stuck_out_tongue:

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