How to make a !Top5loots command?

Hi guys, we succesfully added the link and its working in a channel, but we’d like to be able for the users to see a !top5loots for example, showing the top 5 users that spammed the most loots right. But how would a command look for that? I cant find it in Nightbot documentation, and im a bit confused to how its done when the is an external thing and not a chat thing per se.

Thanks for any help or advice

Top 5 Loots: $(urlfetch

where “LOOTSACCOUNT” is your loots account name.

you can change “leaderboard=weekly” to “leaderboard=monthly” or “leaderboard=daily” if you prefer the 24hr or monthly leaderboard instead

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Yup! is my site. Just take not of the warnings mentioned on the site for the loots command. Unfortunately there isn’t much i can do about it

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