How to make a private command or all comands private?

For one of the chat interactives, I use a command with a code word. This code word (name of the command) users should guess. But in the channel list you can see all the commands, including this. That makes everything meaningless.
Can I somehow hide the command from prying eyes? Or enable the option - hide all commands?

This is not possible, you could do what you want by having a command that requires a special word, and hiding that, but you cannot hide commands.

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Here is an example of what Slikrick suggested:

!commands add !secret -cd=5 $(eval if (`$(query)`.toLowerCase()==="codeword"){"You guessed it!"} else {"Wrong!"})

You could replace "Wrong!" with " " if you don’t want the command to have any output if the guess is wrong.

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It’s a shame. How can I make your option?
Before that, people just wrote the words, the one who guessed it - got the answer.

im not sure if the number of commands is limited in nightbot, otherwise you could just add f.e. 500 random answers, but all with userlevel “owner” so noone can use them. without “!” they will all be at the end of your commands list and same second you ask the question, you can change the right answer to userlevel “everyone” xD

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