How to make a "!deaths" command?

I am looking to start streaming on twitch again after a break, and would like to surprise my followers with some new commands. I am looking to start doing a game where I do tend to die a lot as the first game I play upon coming back and would love to have a command that my mods could use every time I die to make a death counter. I was looking for information regarding the command before looking here but none of the commands I found in other chat threads are working. I was hoping for something simple like “!death” that says a message like “doglover986831 has died (#number of deaths) times” but I keep getting a streamer died null times". Is it possible to make this command add one every time its used? And if so, how?

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You need an already made command just to start the process. In my example it will just be !deaths

!commands add !deaths 0

then this command does all the work

!commands add !deathadd -a=!commands -ul=mod edit !deaths $(channel) has died $(count) times.

When you call !deathadd it will increase !deaths by 1. When you call !deaths the death count will not change.


Thank you for the quick response, Slikrick! I appreciate it. I added the command and it seems to work so far.

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