How to make a command appear on stream

Hello, I have a function in my chat that counts wins for the day. My mods can edit it by using !set and it will change my !wins to that number using the $(query) function. How would I go about using this query to change a text box or something that displays on stream. I’d like it to say Wins Today: (the query that my mods would write)

My basic question is if there is any bot that has a $(query) function that can be summoned through an onstream overlay

I know a mod could alter the numbers in chat by editing the whole code everytime or when it’s set to add 1 every time it’s used. Otherwise a manager could always do it through the dashboard or the streamer itself so that it’s not seen in public.

We don’t offer any Nightbot overlays for things such as commands. It is possible to retrieve the information using the Nightbot API, but we don’t offer support for custom applications.

Could you pm me how to retrieve the information as someone who doesn’t know code and I’ll worry about implementation.

right now the code for the command !wins is just altered by a command that is just !set $(query)

So pretty much you want something like:

!wins Amount of wins: $(count)

Everytime someone (depending if you set it to a userlevel or not) uses it, it will add +1 to the number.

No, the chat command isnt the issue, I want a way to make it display on stream like an overlay. The command works just fine.

That’s not an option for Nightbot. Probably a different bot that might be able to do that.

I know it’s not a default option which is why I’m asking here for a backdoor method or worstcase another bot that can do it. Thanks for your help tho.

If anything you’d probably want to use the commands endpoint, and update a local webpage that you have as a Browser Source.

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