How to make 3 commands, two that count up, and one that shows the two numbers side by side

Hi, I’ve started making overwatch content, and I want to make a win loss command, so there would be both !win and !loss, and they would add one to the scoreboard, and then I want !WLR (win loss ratio) and I want it to display how many wins and losses we had, maybe a even a fun message if we got more wins than losses, and a sad one if more losses than wins, but that part is fine, I just really wanna make a fun little command, oh and also I want another command that will reset the number for every stream, so I can just pop it in when ever I am down, thanks

I believe this command is too complex to manage with just Nightbot variables and aliases. You could setup an edit command that will take two numbers, in your a case a W/L record and another command that would display the results.

!commands add !WL text

!commands add !setwl -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !WL Current Count - Wins: $(1) - Loss $(2)

If you want responsive message based on W/Ls you can use $(eval) to determine this. Ex:

!commands add !setwl -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !WL Current Count - Wins: $(1) - Loss $(2) - $(eval $(1) > $(2) ? 'You have a lot of wins' : 'You have a lot of losses')

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