How to customize uptimeAt parameter


I would like to add uptimeAt parameter which shows the time when the streamer started the streaming.
But because the streamer is Korean, I want to change the format and change to Korean.
How would i go about that?

By the way, I am talking about uptimeAt parameter which is mentioned in

This command will display uptimeAt in Korea Standard Time:

$(eval uptimeAtString = `$(twitch $(channel) "{{uptimeAt}}")`; uptimeAt = new Date(uptimeAtString); isNaN(uptimeAt) ? `Unable to parse the date/time $(channel) went live (or started playing a playlist)` : `$(channel) has been online since ` + uptimeAt.toLocaleString("ko-KR", {timeZone: "Asia/Seoul"}))

You will have to translate these messages since I don’t know Korean:
Unable to parse the date/time $(channel) went live (or started playing a playlist)
$(channel) has been online since

$(channel) is a Nightbot variable, so you don’t need to manually replace it with your channel name.

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