How to Create a Valorant !rank command for Twitch

Hey, I’ve seen a few questions about this where they want to reponse to show their rank and where they are on the leaderboard. I have a link that shows my current rank, but what I also want to show is my how much RR I have at that rank, rather than a leaderboard placement because at my rank that doesn’t matter. I’ve also seen other streamers where it shows how much they loss or gained from their last game. But I am mostly focused on the Rank and RR in that rank. I’m currently using this command message: $(eval response = $(urlfetch json; try { json = JSON.parse(response); currenttierpatched =; currenttierpatched == null ? “None” : currenttierpatched; } catch(e) { ${e}: ${response}.substr(0, 400)}) So how do I tweek it to also see my RR?

Hiya, what is RR? If you open the link in your browser you’ll see what info is available to show.

RR is rank rating, for instance you can be gold 1 with 70 rr, which means you’re only 30 rr away from gold 2. You receive or lose rr after every game you win or lose

From what you said about checking the browser link, I can see what I want to add, but I’m not sure how to add it into the command for it to work?

Hey @CalamiTea!

You navigate through the keys by using dots, here’s how to access your tag for example:

$(eval tag=$(urlfetch json
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