How to Create a Drop Down Follower Alert

I really liked the easy to use alert system you guys designed. I set it up for my stream using Matthew’s Youtube video. The preview isn’t quite what I wanted though. The alert fades in and out and I was hoping for it to drop down from the top of the screen and then go back up. I imagine there’s a way to do that with the CSS code, but I have no clue where to even start with that. Is there a basic code that someone’s already designed to get the effect I’m looking for?

Please and Thank you!

This is possible by using the chroma key version of the alert, then removing the background with css.

Step one: add &chroma=true to the end of your hosted url.

Step two: modify the css, adding !important to the body background attribute. Basically just replace the background line with background: transparent !important;.

That worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

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