How to creat Emotes?

Hey guys… new to the streaming scene - and a nub in paint and code and etc… just wondering how to make a personal emote for my channel and do i have to be twitch affilate or not to do so (how easy is it as well please? or should i just ask a friend to do it for me?)

Sorry if this has been asked before, but i scrolled quite a way down and could not see a similar post


To make an emote, you will need some skill with photoshop or some photo editing program, to actually make whatever you want to make. (Or find someone to do it for you)

With BTTV you can have up to 5 personal emotes that can be used only in your chat only, and can be seen by anyone that has BTTV. To have emotes that can be used globally in any twitch chat, you would need to be an affiliate or twitch partner.

thank you MrB i chose five of the shared … for now

matter should be seen as solved (unless anyone else need help with this etc)


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