How to convert currencies?

Hello, is there any custom api that can convert like 10 eur to 10 usd and such? Or maybe even celsius to fahrenheit? Thanks in advance.

Go to
Create a Wolfram|Alpha account if you don’t already have one.
Sign in.

Click “Sign up to get your first AppID”.
For “How are you planning to use the Wolfram|Alpha API?”, enter “Nightbot command”.
For “May we contact you about upgrading to a paid API plan?”, select “No”.
Agree to the terms of use, and click “Sign up”.

Click “Get an AppID”.
For “Application name”, enter “Nightbot command”.
For “Description”, enter “Nightbot command”.
Click “Get AppID”.

Remember your AppID, which appears after the text "APPID: ".

Now go to
Sign in.
Click “Add Command”.
For “Command”, enter !convert
For “Message”, enter

$(urlfetch json$(querystring)&includepodid=Result&format=plaintext&output=json&appid=YOURAPPIDHERE)

Replace YOURAPPIDHERE with your AppID.
For “Alias”, enter _wolframalpha
Click “Submit”.

Click “Add Command” again.
For “Command”, enter _wolframalpha
For “Message”, enter

$(eval s=decodeURIComponent("$(querystring)");try{r=JSON.parse(s),r=r&&r.queryresult,r?(e=r.error)?"input parameter not present in query"==e.msg?"No query":e.msg||"Error":r.success?(p=r.pods)&&p[0]?(b=p[0].subpods)&&b[0]?(b[0].plaintext||"Query result has no text").replace(/(?<=[^ ])(?=\()|(?<=\))(?=[^ ])/g," ").substr(0,400):"Query result has no subpod":"Query has no result":"Query unsuccessful":"No response"}catch(a){`Failed to parse Wolfram|Alpha result: ${a.message}: ${s}`.substr(0,400)})

Click “Submit”.

Now you will have a !convert command.
If you want, you can name this command something more general, because it can answer any question that Wolfram|Alpha can answer.


Thanks. This helps a lot! I got it!

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