How to connect Nightbot Auto DJ?

I found that an older version of Nightbot had downloadable files for xSplit (I guess those were the files that connected Nightbot to xSplit?) But I can’t find them on Nightbot or the website… Nightbot beta doesn’t have the option.

You can download the Nightbot app at

I still don’t see the option =( . Need little more help on this please

The paths to the files you need to open in XSplit’s text source are listed at

What i’m trying to ask is is how can people hear the song requests through my stream? I want to know how to set that up on xsplit.

Playing AutoDJ will just output to the currently selected playback device. Just make sure that XSplit is picking up your desktop audio and that it isn’t muted.

Songs aren’t playing to my stream how do I fix this

Can you be more specific? What are you using? What have your tried? Has it worked before?

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