How to completely uninstall the follower notification?

First off, I do wish to redownload it.

Just, when I first installed it, my firewall blocked a lot of it and I was unable to unblock the ones that were blocked. I believe this has caused my follower alert to not work at all.

I tried looking into a system restore, but I am unable to go back to the point before it happened.

Any information will be very useful :slight_smile:

Hey TheForFeed,

If you’re talking about the follower alert for OBS, you should just be able to redownload it from our site and follow the steps as given. This will replace the files you currently have and add the ones that you’re missing.

You can redownload the CLR Browser Repack here - and redo your follower alert here -

Vaughn Whiskey

Thank you :slight_smile:

I shall give this a go and see what happens.

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