How to check for deleted commands

Hey, I moderate for a friend (Svennoss) he had over 200 or so commands and now we have like 75.
Like a month ago or more we noticed alot of the command didn’t work anymore.
How do I check who deleted the commands or is this a nightbot issue?

I’m legit confused


The only way your Nightbot commands would remove themselves is if you haven’t used Nightbot for a very long time; old inactive accounts will be purged. However if you use Nightbot regularly then this shouldn’t be happening.

The only possibility is that another moderator has been deleting commands. You could ask the streamer to check the chat logs at to see if a moderator has used !delcom or !commands delete but note that the chat logs only go back as far as 2 weeks, so if these commands were deleted further back than that, there’s no way to check who deleted them.

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