How To Change Font Size?

Hi there,

I have a specific window size for the OBS Chat I’m looking to keep. My Width is 240 and my Height is 360, therefore the regular chat font size is really small.

How can I increase it? I’ve gone into Advanced Settings and changed the DefaultFixedFontSize and DefaultFontSize but it does not seem to have any affect.

At this point, I prefer the old method of using the “capture window” chat but it doesn’t work as good as it used to.


Update: Nevermind, found it under MinimumFontsize. Sorry!

Feedback: Not being a coder type of person, I prefer the look of the capture window chat over the default built in chat. Increasing the font size in the CLR browser version makes words split sometimes and look weird. I truly appreciate your work and extreme effort on these projects, though.

There’s a way to fix the “word-splitting” that you might be experiencing.
Just add…

word-break: break-word !important;

To your span.message{ } part (idk CSS terminology)
It should look like this…

You can also just add the font-size: 125%, as seen in the picture, to your span.nick and span.message parts to increase the font-size.

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