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How to center text!


I recently received some new alerts. I’m trying to add my new custom follower alert to the stream. It is working fine, however, the name of the new follower is overlapping the text on the alert. Is there a way to move the name down and center it on the image?


You’ll have to add some custom CSS to position the text.
If you could post your alert url I could take a look.

Thanks for the reply!

Below are the links to both alerts that I received: a follower and tip alert. I thought that CSS would be needed but I have never used it before. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Follower alert:

Tip alert:


What are you using to show the alerts?
I’ll need the hosted url which can be generated here:

Here is the hosted url:

Alright, add this to your CSS settings:

#follower-alert .text { margin-top: 14px; margin-left: 63px!important; }

If you add &preview=true to your hosted url you can see how it looks.

You are incredible. Thank you so much. One last thing though, my full alert isn’t appearing when it goes off. I’ve attached a couple of images to this post: the alert and what happens when my alert goes off (now with the name centered thanks to you).

As you can see, there should be another orange line underneath the name. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Your alert photo is 512x172. You will have to resize your image, Max width: 580px, Max height: 110px.

How do I do that? Thanks

You can probably just easily enter it into photoshop and resize it from there. However I’m not a photo editing guy so I can’t offer that much help. Sorry.

I don’t have photoshop. However, I have asked the designer of the alerts to change the size. If he can’t, then I’ll find a photo editor online to do it. No need to apologise. I really appreciate the help! Thanks!

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