How to call the count of another command

So I have made a command that gives users a ‘point’. I was wondering if there is a way to call that same $(count) value without using the original command as it will add one when I only want to see the current count

What your looking for is something to this extent:

Yeah that will work fine thanks! :slight_smile: Just noticed that the solution you reference is over a year old, Is there any news on any update that enables this to be ‘automated’ (closer to a referenceable value like I was saying) or is this as good as it gets? thanks again for a working solution! (just re-read that and it seems kinda ungrateful sounding but that’s most definitely not the case :P)

There are plans in the future to be able to get a count from another command. This can already be handled through the Nightbot API but cannot be handled nativity.

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