How to auto-delete numeric IDs?

I don’t really understand how the advanced usage of nightbot’s spam filters work so I’m just asking here: I want nightbot to auto-delete any chat messages that contain any 7 or 8 digit strings of numbers (e.g. 62140285). These are level IDs for a game I stream, and I don’t want people putting their level IDs in chat. Thank you for any help!
Edit: Also, is it possible for this spam filter not to take place on Superchats? I want donators to still be able to request level IDs.

Hey @Ae_9!

To delete messages that contain 7 or 8 digits, you can use a regular expression: /\d{7,8}/

I don’t believe Nightbot has access to the content of Superchats, therefore it can’t filter these.


Thank you for the help!

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