How to add a Setwins command

Hey I know there’s a !setwins command but I just don’t understand this

!commands add !setwins -a=!commands edit !wins Streamer has won $(1) time

I already have a win command. I just find that confusing. If anyone can break that down by step by step I’d really appreciate that

!commands add !setwins 

Add a command named !setwins.


Make !setwins an alias to !commands. This means that the command response of !setwins is passed as the input to !commands.

edit !wins Streamer has won $(1) time

This is the command response of !setwins that will be sent as the input to !commands. This input will instruct !commands to edit the command response of !wins to be Streamer has won $(1) time. $(1) is a Nightbot variable that is replaced whenever you use !setwins by the first argument (split by spaces) to the command.

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