How to add a response from nightbot while using alias

I am a mod for a channel and I’m to make a command that calls nightbot’s 8ball using alias (-a=) but also outputs !8ball should we timeout $(user) and then the 8ball returns whatever it decides to output in another chat.

This is what works just without nightbot saying !8ball should we timeout $(user)

!commands add !timeout -a=!8ball !8ball should $(user) get timed out?

Output: the random 8ball thing

Thanks, Fin

If you add a $(query) at the beginning or end of the orginal !8ball command then anything passed from the !timeout alias will be included.

!commands add !8ball $(query) $(eval *8ball logic*)
!commands add !timeout -a=!8ball Should we ban $(user)?

!timeout -> Should we ban Aaron128l? *8ball logic*

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