How to add a counter command

So im trying to add a counter command that updates automatically everytime someone uses a word but i cant get it to work since I have to update it manually, I know some streamers have these automated system but I cant get the command right, does anybody knows how to make it work?

Im trying to get something like “Streamer has said (word) (times).” with the command !(word)

!commands add !word Streamer has said word 0 times
!commands add !addword -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !word Streamer has said word $(count) times
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Thanks!! I entered both commands but everytime I send the !word in chat the 0 counter never goes up, it keeps showing as “Streamer has said (word) 0 times.”

If you want the counter to increase every time someone types !word, then use this command:

!commands edit !word Streamer has said word $(count) times
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If your still here am_1 I’m a nub and really need to be walked through this. I am not sure where to put the code in? Do I put them all in title or message or alias? Not sure. Can you make it simpler step by step please? Or if there is somebody else out there that see’s this and can help, that would be greatly appreciated!


What kind of command do you want?

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