How do you create custom counters?

I want to add a pushup counter to my stream. I want !pushups to show how many pushups I owe. I want !pushups+ to add 10 to the counter and !pushups- to subtract 10 from the main counter. I have tried to find this answer out on my own but I’m not having any luck!

Hey @mywifevspc!

You won’t be able to subtract, I’m not sure why you’d want to substract anyway, but you can make the rest work this way:

!addcom !pushups $(channel) did 0 pushups.

!addcom !addpushup -a=!editcom -ul=mod !pushups $(channel) did $(eval $(count)*10) pushups.

Follow the instructions in this thread for creating a set of commands to run a flexible counter (can add any integer value), then add these commands to specifically add 10 and -10.

!addcom !pushups+ -a=!add 10
!addcom !pushups- -a=!add -10

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