How do Nightbot Commands work?

I’m confused about Nightbot Commands. I see them in my Nightbot Dashboard, and have set up various parameters, but I’m confused about what seems to be some type of shortcut for these things that starts with “!”, and how would moderators other than myself use them, as seems possible? Please elaborate what to do with those shortcuts.

Hi Christina_Barron! Nightbot is a very powerful tool that can make your life a lot easier in the streaming world. Yes, normally Nightbot commands are prefaced with “!” however, it can be anything when doing custom commands. You don’t even need a symbol to make a command. It could be a word or acronym such as “brb” where it might call up a message from Nightbot saying that so-and-so will be right back. You can also, when doing custom commands, set a security level so that everyone, subscriber, regular, VIP, moderator, or owner. Typically, I make commands set to everyone but there are some, like shoutouts I give to my mods only. Do you have a particular question on what I went over or maybe a command you are trying to make work?
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I don’t know how to use those shortcuts. Do I just type them into the YouTube chat? I mean, I don’t know how my moderators would use those commands otherwise, as they don’t have access to my Nightbot dashboard. It’s not that I am wanting to use a specific shortcut, it’s that I don’t know how to use any of them. I use my Nightbot Dashboard for everything, because I don’t know how to use what appears to be some kind of shortcut thingie.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t do anything with YouTube. The concept should be the same though. It would be so much easier to have your trusted mods a manager of your Nightbot dashboard. However, if you wanted to add a command via chat, you would do something like !addcom !sub $(twitch subcount) to pull up your sub count (For Twitch). You would need the !addcom when you add commands, next would be the trigger so !sub is what people would type into chat to see your sub count. Finally, the command itself, it can be an actual command or a string of text. I will say for YouTube, you will need to be live in order to use the commands.

So you just type those shortcuts in the live chat? Wouldn’t everyone viewing the chat also see those shortcuts?

How do you give moderators access to the Nightbot dashboard?

I know so little about how this works and there’s no good, detailed, (dumbed-down) instructions. I’m just bumbling through it, barely utilizing the features because I don’t know how it works.

Correct, everyone who is watching chat would see the commands being added. That is why going through the dashboard is the preferred way of adding commands and it is the easiest. To add someone as a manager to Nightbot, you will first need their User ID. To find that, the person you want to give access to must log into Nightbot. Then click on their profile on the top right and have them go to “Settings” their User ID is on the top right of that page. You will follow the same steps to add them only, once in “Settings” you will click on “New Manager” and add their User ID. They will then have access to your dashboard and be able to make commands.

I hope this makes sense, if you need anything else, please let me know!

Hey @Christina_Barron!

I’m not sure In understand what you’re looking for, but from what I gathered, here are some statements/guides that might help:

If you’re worried about your mods not knowing your list of commands, they can simply find it by typing !commands in your chat.
If you want your mods to be able to manage your commands through the dashboard, you can add them as managers, kyle gave you the steps, here’s a partially visual guide to complete what they said.

You call commands in your chat, on YouTube you have to make sure to look at “Live Chat,” everyone sees Nightbot’s responses, but that shouldn’t matter much; if you want to secure a few commands, what you can do is set userlevels so for example only your mods can use those commands.

I hope this helps.

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