How do I use commands?

I know this maybe a silly question. I created two commands. One regular and one with a timer. I cannot get either one to work.

I have a custom command called !sub and when I type it in the chat room on twitch, nothing happens. Also I have my timer to go off every 15 mins. Both are enabld.

What am I doing wrong? HELP!

Nightbot is not in your channel therefore the commands won’t work. To add Nightbot into your channel go to the Dashboard page and Click on the button “Join channel” in the right

Hi Thanks so much for your help. it now works. I have one last questions. Is there a way to run my custom commands without the chat seeing the actual command word?

No there isn’t a way to do that. You can have a timer that is aliased to that command name to run every so often but commands require a phrase.

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