How do I see the twitch chat feed over my game?

I can get the pop out of the box, and I can get it to show up on the live stream, but I cant get it to show up for me on my screen, because my second monitor is not working and neither is my phone. What do I need to do to get it over my game?

We don’t offer a feature like that. We offer OBS Chat which is for your viewers to see chat in OBS and that’s that. BTTV is just a browser addon to enhance Twitch.

Most times, if you’re a streamer it is best to have 2 working screens. So you might want to sort out your second screen.

As VaughnWhiskey has already said, using a second monitor is going to be your only choice if you’re wanting to see your chat room while you stream. Most professional streamers have 3 monitors.

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