How Do I go about setting a custom image?

Hey everyone.

I was curious what I need to do, in order to get a custom image to pop up on the follower notification?

Here is my image:

Thanks in advance.

When setting up the alert there is a drop down for “Alert Style”, just select one of the “Use My Own” options. You will need to create a smaller version of that image, or it will be cut off.

With images bigger then what we offer, you will need to change a few things.
Easiest thing to do is just replace the imgur/image link in the url provided by our walkthrough with your vidble or imgur image.
Then you need to change the resolution in CLR to the image size (I make my images 1280x720) and then you will need to change up the CSS.

My current CSS looks like this

    ::-webkit-scrollbar {
visibility: hidden;
body {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
margin: 0px auto;
donation-alert {
 height: 720px !important;  
 width: 1280px !important;  
donation-alert .text {
 margin-left: 0px !important;  
 padding-top: 660px !important;  
 width: 1280px !important;  

Now the issue with this is that if you start changing around things like this, you might have some issues with how it works if you don’t know basic CSS and this also causes more problems if we need to help you on the forums. We tend to want our users to use our default setup to ensure everything is working right.

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