How do I get a command to @ the streamer so it highlights in their user chat?

So I made a command a while back that works like this:

-ul=moderator @(streamer’s name) $(user) declares that the $(touser) tip stayed in the cup!

note: the $(touser) is used to output the tip amount dropped.

Because we have a minigame in the channel for bits during plinko nights, and it makes it easier to see if someone did it and they can see it on the regular chat without having to look at his streamlabs chat on his other monitor.

The issue is that the @(streamer’s name) doesn’t highlight in his regular chat. How do I get nightbot to output it so it will highlight in the streamer’s chat?

There was a bug with BTTV highlights in chat, which should be solved yesterday, @username should highlight in chat. Could you try again and see if it works now?

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