How do i filter spam

I Looked at the nightbot page but when i tried to run the command it would say the limit/message/ and the other stuff, can someone explain it more thoroughly or post the command

I would recommend just trying to modify the filters through the nightbot dashboard, not through the commands. Its possible to do it with commands, but its tougher and there isn’t much reason to do so if you don’t have to.

On the page there are the docs, enable/disable, and option buttons. You should enable/disable the ones you want and set the options for the ones you want to properly filter chat. The option for links (for example) looks like this

im dong it as a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly are you attempting to do specifically, then? The docs on the !filters command covers the command pretty well. Also when you type an incomplete default command nightbot gives you the list of possible ways to use it. !filters tells you that you can specify repetitions/symbols/links/emotes/caps/blacklist

For example, to limit emote spam protection to ten emotes, you would use this command:

!filters emotes limit 10

It should be noted that not all parts of spam protection can be modified via chat. Some need to be modified via the panel. Such as blacklisted words and whitelisted links

i got caps and emotes and links but couldnt do the blacklist words thanks,

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