How do I create a timer to periodically use a custom command?

Hello! I have some trouble in my stream with people not remembering the rules, so I have a custom “!rules” command in my stream. This simply links to the rules offsite and also reminds viewers that if they are on a computer the rules can also be read by scrolling down a bit.

I would very much like Nightbot to execute this command on its own about once an hour. I thought the way to do this would be to type “!rules” into the “Alias” textbox, even though I also had to type something in the “Message” textbox, but this didn’t work. Then I tried typing “!rules” by itself in the “Message” textbox, figuring even though that would be a bit messy/not ideal, it would still get the job done. Nightbot will sometimes just say “!rules” without triggering them and sometimes won’t say anything at all.

In both cases, I had the timers set to go off every 5 minutes with 2 lines of chatting to test as quickly as possible, and sent messages into chat myself to make sure there were two lines. (And boy, having to wait 5 minutes between every test of the timers meant it took WAY longer than it should have.) Regular timers (reminders to save my artwork) worked just fine with this method.

What do I need to do to get this working? Is it possible? I apologize if there’s an obvious solution I’m missing; I’m really new at all of this. Thank you in advance!

In the timer edit box, insert the command name in the alias field and $(query) in the message box. You have to remember to actively meet the line requirements in order for the timer to appear.

I finally got it working, thank you so much!

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