How can other people set up nightbot for you?

My friend, wants me to set up nightbot for him. Is there a way to do it wothout your friends twitch account?

There is a way to set it up somewhat but not entirely, and it will take a tiny bit of guidance on his part to add you to the nightbot managers (so that you can access nightbot things to setup, more than just commands)

What YOU will need is your nightbot user ID, which you can find by clicking your avatar in the top right, then going to settings. You can see your user ID in the top right of the settings page. You will then give this number to him.

What he will do is take that number and in the same page click “new manager” and put your id in the popup area.

Now you will be able to access his panel and have most of the controls he has, you can get to his page by clicking on the avatar icon in the top right again and switching the account to the streamer who added you.

This is also specified in the docs which you can see here: