How Can Nightbot Greet People?

See i joined this guys youtube livestream i said Hi Nightbot said this!!

How do i get nightbot to do it? i tried the @name@ command like NightDev on twitter said to this one guy who also asked no name can be said Im so confused :confused:

Native Nightbot does not have this functionality for basic users. The user is using the Nightbot API /channel/send endpoint to send messages.

im :confused: i dont know about the API of nightbot :sob:

Figured it out it is $(user) for the person on who ever said Hi and $(channel) for the channel name Thanks for the replys :smiley:

Ah, that’ll work as well. It’s hard to tell commands from a screenshot.

so how do I get my nightbot to greet people? :sob:
I don’t understand

You can’t, as mentioned in the earlier message.

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