How can I setup a !playlist command that grabs a spotify link?

Hey guys,

I have a few different Spotify playlists that I hit shuffle on during my streams.

Is there a way that I can set up a !playlist command that links directly to the specific playlist being played?

I would normally just use the one link for the command, but I have a set of different playlists for different genres - so it would be preferable if Nightbot could automatically grab the specific playlist link each time!

This is not something we can support natively, unfortunately. If you’re capable you may be able to use our API to edit a command with the playlist link as you swap between them:

Ok no worries - I thought that may the case! I’m not very code-savvy, so creating a custom API would be way out of my league.

Would anyone be interested in creating such an API in my stead?

Thanks for the response Dev!

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